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By A Place of Health
February 16, 2016
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Find out what could be causing your neck pain and how a chiropractor can help.

When it comes to pain, it may seem easy to grab some over-the-counter pain remedy or try a heating pad. But often times, many of our neck painpatients can’t find the relief they need with at-home treatments. If you have been looking for the root of your neck pain and need to alleviate your symptoms, it’s time you talked to your Fort Lauderdale, FL chiropractor, Dr. Donna Watson.

Neck pain can be brought on by:

Muscle strain

Muscle overuse or poor posture can be to blame for your neck pain. Do you spend most of your days hunched over a computer or tablet? Do you grind your teeth? These situations can all cause neck strain.

Worn down joints

As you get older, the joints in your body can begin to wear down, and the joints in your neck are no different. Also, conditions such as arthritis can also cause deterioration of neck joints. Bone spurs can affect joint mobility and cause pain and discomfort.


Car accidents often cause whiplash, which can cause strain and injury to the soft tissues in the neck. Whiplash tends to be one of the mot common causes of neck pain.

Pinched or compression nerve

Herniated disks in the neck can reduce range-of-motion and also cause stiffness and pain.

If you are suffering from any of these issues then it’s time to talk to your Fort Lauderdale chiropractor about how to properly treat your pain. We can perform a physical exam and X-rays to decide on the best treatment plan. Through chiropractic readjustment, neck exercises and physiotherapy we can help reduce your neck problems and improve movement and range-of-motion.

If you’re looking for compassionate, gentle chiropractic care to eliminate your neck pain then it’s time you turned to our Fort Lauderdale, FL chiropractic office. Call A Place of Health-Chiropractic today.

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