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By A Place of Health Chiropractic
July 06, 2020
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Here are some simple strategies to support and nurture a healthy immune system.

The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly changed our lives. Naturally, a lot of people are concerned about their health and want to find ways to bolster their immune system. Our Ft. Lauderdale, FL, chiropractor Dr. Donna Watson understands just how important it is for patients to stay healthy right now. Here are some immune-boosting tips that your whole family can follow,

Choose Unprocessed, Healthy Foods

While it might be tempting (and easy) just to reach for a bag of chips or other junk food just sitting in your pantry, most of these items aren’t going to do anything good for your health. In fact, they are probably only going to make things worse. With our busy lives on pause, now is the perfect time to discover healthy ways to cook and prepare meals. Opt for antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables such as berries, eggplant and spinach and say yes to vitamin C-rich foods such as kiwi, oranges and broccoli. A healthy diet should include the five food groups.

Get Sleep

Yes, we know that people are also finding it more difficult to fall asleep these days; however, it’s important that every adult is getting at least 7-9 hours of good, quality sleep each night. Make sleep a priority and if you are having trouble sleeping you may want to talk to a professional. If your sleep is due to anxiety and stress, chiropractic treatment may be able to help.

Manage Stress

Stress has a profoundly negative impact on our immune systems. While we know that many people are battling anxiety right now, it’s important to find outlets to help you relax and unwind to help the immune system doing its job. Many people are able to get stress under control through daily meditation (even just five minutes a day!), regular exercise and deep breathing. Also, acupuncture and regular chiropractic care have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety by releasing muscle tension and boosting circulation.

Get Regular Chiropractic Care

Did you know that a misaligned spine can cause a variety of other health issues? By realigning the spine, our Ft. Lauderdale, FL, chiropractor can help your body heal faster, release tension, boost immunity and help you get better sleep. In fact, regular chiropractic care can actually act as a form of preventive medicine.

A Place of Health – Chiropractic wants to provide you with honest, reliable and trustworthy chiropractic care here in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. If you are looking to schedule a session with our chiropractor, Dr. Watson, please call (954) 568-9355 to learn more.

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