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To Our Valued and Prospective Patients,

During this crucial time, we at A Place of Health are taking extra precautions. All of our staff wear masks at all times, and gloves when needed for treatment. We have our offices deep cleaned weekly, while also cleaning the office ourselves several times throughout the day. All tables and medical equipment are cleaned after each use prior to seeing our next patient. Our medical-grade cleaning supplies are stocked and we are being more diligent than ever to maintain a healthy environment for our patients and staff.

All of our treatment rooms have their own sink along with antibacterial soap. We require regular hand washing for all of our staff and encourage the same for all of our patients. Each room also has hand sanitizer readily available. Our staff's temperatures are screened daily to ensure nobody has a fever. In addition to that, all of our staff have been tested for COVID and results have been confirmed to be negative. We felt it was important to be transparent regarding all of the steps that we are taking to keep our staff and patients safe.

Please remember to keep your immune system strong with regular adjustments and daily vitamins. Take care of yourself and your family and we will get through this together. 

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