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Chiropractic: The Big Picture

Chiropractic Medicine is a combination of art, science, and philosophy. When practiced as intended over 100 years ago, it is best used as a preventative science. Patients find benefit from treatment in my office in a myriad of ways. Using, adjustments, acupuncture, massage, herbology, and certain emotional support techniques, a tremendous amount of bodily stress can be alleviated.

Hipprocrates - the Father of Medicine - stated, "In all disease look first to the spine it is the requisite of many diseases."

Thomas Edison said, "The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."

The concept of looking at the spine for health care is hardly new. Every organ in your body is run by a nerve, including your heart, kidneys, lungs, stomach, blood vessels, eyes and ears. The nerves that supply those organs - along with the nerves that allow you to have mobility - are all housed in your spinal column.

If you receive chiropractic adjustments to your entire spine, thus affecting all of the nerve roots, it makes sense that your entire system will benefit. Chiropractic adjustments correct nerve interference caused by subluxations occurring within your spine. By restoring proper nerve function to the spine your entire system will operate at full capacity and with much less stress. It makes perfect sense.

The immune system is our first line of defense in preventing illness and disease. Chiropractic naturally enhances your own body’s immune system to help you fight off illness and disease. Give your body a fighting chance to heal from within, naturally.

Align your Spine

Almost everyone has subluxations occurring within their spine. Some from the birthing process, some from athletics. Others occur from trauma such as motor vehicle accidents. Chiropractors are thoroughly trained to detect these subluxations within your spine and to remove them with a proper chiropractic adjustment that is right for you.

Each individual is so different that everyone does not receive the same type of adjustment. Though no adjustment should be painful, some are less forceful than others. Your health history and current health condition will predicate which type is most effective for your particular body.

Stress has become one of the leading causes of disease. Meditating, exercise, massage therapy, hypnosis, and acupuncture are all wonderful therapies to combat the stresses of a 21st century lifestyle. Consider one or more of these activities daily.

The Need for Supplements

The saying "You are what you eat" is no joke. Your body requires certain enzymes and chemicals to function properly. You must either eat a perfect diet or use vitamins and minerals to supplement an inadequate or unbalanced dietary intake. Even with good nutritional habits, balancing your vitamins from fruits and vegetables is difficult in today's world. The soil in which we grow our foods today is void of the nutrients that existed years ago. Because of this, supplementation is paramount.

As we grow older the musculoskeletal system becomes weaker. It is imperative to formulate a regular exercise routine into your daily lifestyle. Aerobic conditioning is essential for your heart and health. Also specific exercises should be done to strengthen weakened areas in your spine and body. Consult your chiropractor who can assign exercises that will best benefit your goals in fitness.

Your Body's Innate Intelligence

Chiropractic philosophy states, "The power that made the body, can heal the body if all interference's have been removed." With a properly aligned spine your body can heal itself with the innate wisdom that is held inside of each of us. Chiropractic works. Believe in it!