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The Triune of Health

What would happen if one of the legs of a three legged bar stool was shorter than the other three? The stool would be uneven and tip over. Guess what, your body is exactly the same way. We are made up of three things 1. Structure 2. Chemicals 3. Emotions (Mental). If any of these three (The Triune) is off balance, you will suffer in either pain/injury or malfunction/illness. It just makes sense. That is why chiropractors who practice Applied Kinesiology use the entire body (Whole person/ Holistic) approach for treatment.

We aren’t just a bag of bones. There are zillions of chemical reactions that occur in the body every second of the day that keep us alive and our organs functioning. Our pancreas secrets insulin when we eat so we don’t go into a diabetic coma. The gall bladder secretes bile to emulsify the fats that we eat. The pituitary secretes certain chemicals that signal many other organs and functions to occur in the body all throughout the day. You never know all these things are happening, they just do. So what happens if one of these organs that secretes doesn’t work as optimally as it should? The chemicals will not be released properly and the body’s chemistry will go off. Left long enough some sort of illness or disease state can occur.

Our mental state is extremely important to our health. If I could fix the minds of all my patients, my office as well as all the other doctors’ offices would close. There is a condition called “somatizing”. This is where we internalize our emotions to a point where it adversely affects our body. i.e.; ulcers, heart attacks, telogen effluvium ( Hair Loss from Stress), TMJ, neck and low back spasms, just to name a few. So if you are upset over work, marriage, a death, money, anything that puts your mind under stress, you can alter your bodies balance and cause illness and or injury to yourself, without even knowing you are doing it, until it manifests someplace where you begin to feel pain or distress. The other side of the coin is there are many psychological problems that have a physiological cause. An example would be depression caused by blood sugar problems, fibromyalgia and other auto-immune diseases which keep the patient in constant pain. These problems can also be evaluated with Applied Kinesiology.

The last of the three is Structure. Our body’s structure comes from bones, muscles and ligaments. Sometimes we are born with a curved spine (Scoliosis). That’s like getting a late start in a race. You can still catch up but you have to work harder than the rest of the pack. Often however, we start off with good spines, and then through life’s occurrences, we jolt the spine out of place. Accidents, sports, falls, lifting, STRESS, CHEMIAL CHANGES, gardening, the list is endless. An improper movement of a bone in the spine in relation to the surrounding bones of the spine is called a “subluxation”. You may not know you have a subluxation if it is a minor one. However, even a minor one sometimes called (the silent subluxation), can be enough to pinch a nerve at that level of the spine. This in turn will cause whatever muscle and ORGAN that the nerve serves, to not function properly. Left long enough guess what.... illness or injury can occur. So you see the over lapping effect of the Triune.