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Our Mission

At A Place of Health Chiropractic we have worked very hard to establish a place where all of our patients needs can be treated under one roof. All aspects of the human body whether it be the structural, chemical, or emotional component, are considered during treatment. This approach is called the Triune of Health.

The Structural Component

The structural component of the triune is addressed whether it is a spinal problem such as a herniated disc, scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, or an extremity such as a torn rotator cuff. We develop a treatment protocol for you.

We have a full rehabilitation unit for restoring proper function to injured spinal muscles from car accident, workers compensation or slip and fall injuries. We have a full team of massage therapists on staff that are fully trained in neuromuscular, Swedish, sports medicine massage and pregnancy massage.

The Emotional Component

Consultations are available for weight loss and stop smoking programs as well as guided exercise programs. Meditation techniques and stress management techniques are taught for the emotional component of the body. Tai chi classes are taught at A Place of Health by our own certified Tai Chi master.

The Chemical Component

Systemic conditions such as diabetes, liver dysfunction, and high cholesterol can be treated with Chinese medicine and acupuncture. At A Place of Health, we have a full line of Chinese herbs, whole food supplements and vitamins to help in the healing and strengthening process from the final aspect of the triune, the chemical aspect of the body.

The staff at A Place of Health is trained to answer all of your questions and pride themselves on the best personalized service to help you through your healing process. We truly care about each patient, their individual needs and concerns. We do our best to accommodate patient work schedules and financial situations to make your visit to A Place of Health as easy as possible. That is our mission.