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Triple Relief is a blend of herbs that have been used traditionally to help soothe minor muscle pain and discomfort. The herbs in this formula offer the additional benefits of digestive and urinary system support, as well as supporting healthy skin.



Everflex Tablets offers the advantages of glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM in one convenient tablet. Numerous studies demonstrate glucosamine's effectiveness in protecting connective tissues and maintaining the integrity and mobility of joints. Glucosamine helps lubricate joints by replenishing synovial fluid, which promotes a joint's shock-absorbing properties.


• Promotes joint health and normal joint function.
• May increase shock absorption in the joints.
• Enhances flexibility.

Everflex Cream 2oz :features the cooling relief of menthol plus a unique combination of cetylated fatty acid esters (cetyl myrsitoleate, myristate, palmitoleate, oleate, palmitate and laurate), olive oil and MSM.



• Enhances joint mobility and flexibility through pain reduction.
• Relieves muscle and joint pain.
• Provides penetrating, fast-acting help.

Multiple Vitamins and Minerals, SynerPro
Contains 100 percent of the Daily Value for 16 essential vitamins and minerals in the SynerPro concentrate base.
This important combination also contains varying amounts of seven other vitamins and minerals.



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