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Auto Injury Treatment in Fort Lauderdale

Dr. Donna Watson has been treating auto accident injuries for over 28 years. Her experience in treating auto accident injuries helps her evaluate your unique injury and provide the exact treatment protocols you need.

person with an auto accident injury, possibly whiplash injury

The National Safety Council reported nearly 2 million non-fatal auto accident injuries in 2019.

Auto accident injuries can develop into chronic health conditions, subjecting victims to a lifetime of pain and discomfort. By seeking treatment immediately after an auto accident at A Place of Health Chiropractic in Fort Lauderdale, you can catch any injuries before they worsen and protect your future well-being with Dr. Donna Watson’s professional chiropractic services.

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The Dangers of “Low Impact” Accidents

Many of these so-called ‘low impact’ injuries do not immediately present external signs or noticeable symptoms. As a result, most patients do not seek immediate medical treatment. Unfortunately, many of these low impact injuries can become exacerbated with time.

Before she became a chiropractor, Dr. Watson was a police officer who saw firsthand the damage a seemingly minor injury could have on a patient’s health. Injuries like whiplash can still cause pain and discomfort six months after the initial accident without proper treatment.

Why You Should Get an Evaluation

After an auto accident, it is essential to receive a medical evaluation from your chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale. Your medical practitioner will conduct a thorough exam and determine if you have suffered any injuries, whether minor or major. A low impact injury could transform into a debilitating disorder that will end up costing you time, money, and your quality of life. Even minor damage can lead to serious health consequences, so it’s paramount that you contact A Place of Health Chiropractic right away if you have been in an auto accident.

Florida’s PIP 14 Day-Rule

The state of Florida currently enforces a PIP (personal injury protection) 14-day rule when it comes to auto accident injuries. The tenet states that anyone injured in an auto accident must seek medical treatment within 14 days of the inciting event, or else risk losing their insurance coverage and potential compensation. Considering that Florida has one of the highest rates of auto accidents in the country, this makes it even more important to seek treatment as soon as possible.

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, more than 300,000 car crashes occurred in 2021. More than 60 percent of these auto accidents resulted in injuries to the involved parties.

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About Dr. Watson and A Place of Health Chiropractic

Dr. Donna Watson is a Florida native who has been helping her patients enhance their well-being for more than 28 years. She discovered the field of chiropractic after a high school sports injury led her to an expert chiropractor and a speedy return to athletics.

After she retired from her career in law enforcement, Dr. Watson founded A Place of Health Chiropractic in Fort Lauderdale. She also serves the Wilton Manors, Oakland Park, and surrounding areas to provide a holistic approach to healthcare. She completed two medical doctorates, has a diplomate in acupuncture, and has advanced training in cutting-edge techniques like applied kinesiology, bio energetic synchronization, activator, cranial release, and total body modification.

Her practice also offers services like massage therapy, acupuncture, and cold laser therapy to complement your recovery regimen and promote a faster rate of healing.

Auto Injury Treatment with Dr. Watson

No matter what type of auto injury you have sustained, Dr. Watson’s professional care can help you alleviate pain and recover mobility. Chiropractic is an excellent way to treat soft tissue injuries and ligament damage resulting from an auto accident. Treatments can be used to alleviate the symptoms of back injuries, neck injuries, whiplash, soft tissue damage, headaches, head injuries, and extremity pain or tingling.

Dr. Watson’s practice has specialty tables for treating lower back injuries. She is also well versed using low force adjustments as needed to stabilize your injury during the initial recovery period.

Documentation and Attorneys

After an auto accident, your focus should be on your recovery; not legal cases, paperwork, or dealing with insurance companies. That’s why Dr. Watson will help you with all of the necessary documentation you need to make your claim or petition your insurance company.

She can also assist in determining legal cases and will even communicate with attorneys on your behalf. She has professional relationships with tenured attorneys that have been in practice for more than 20 years. They specialize in car accidents and bodily injuries, ensuring that you receive only the best representation and the best medical care.


I trust Dr. Watson completely. I've been going to her for years. I had a recent injury. She managed my care with expertise and empathy. A rare combination these days. She was very methodical, caring and analytical of my diagnostic reports and follow up care. I would have been lost without her. I very much appreciate her and her staff. Very grateful. - Ana C.

I highly recommend A Place of Health. Doctor Watson is an amazing Chiropractor. I've been to two chiropractors before and Doctor Watson is the first one that has finally found the source of my pain. She's been helping me fix my posture and relieving my shoulder pain, I'm very grateful. Also, the staff are friendly, patient and very knowledgeable. - Elisa S.

Dr. Watson is an extraordinary chiropractor. The consummate professional and healer. I recently moved to the Fort Lauderdale area and was in desperate need of a chiropractor…Dr. Watson took the time to listen to my ailments and the context for when and how they occurred. Within two weeks my lower back pain was gone! I now have full range of motion in my neck. I am feeling better than I have in years! I credit this to Dr. Watson! I enthusiastically recommend A Place of Health. She truly is a life saver and a miracle worker. - Colleen L.

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Don’t wait to seek treatment for your auto injury. With Dr. Donna Watson’s professional chiropractic care at A Place of Health Chiropractic in Fort Lauderdale, FL, you can begin your journey to a full recovery and discover an elevated sense of well-being.

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