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Fort Lauderdale Tai Chi

Sometimes it’s valuable to explore new and innovative ways to manage pain and keep your body in good working order. An exercise that originated in eastern medicine called tai chi (sometimes referred to as “meditation in motion”) may be a beneficial addition to a chiropractic treatment plan. Learn more about the health benefits of tai chi, a popular exercise class that is offered at A Place of Health Chiropractic.

What Is Tai Chi?

Most people know about yoga and how its movements can relax, stretch, and align the body. Tai chi is a unique exercise technique that uses slow, deliberate movements of the hands, arms, feet, and legs to improve the function of the body. With roots in Chinese medicine, the philosophy behind tai chi is that Qi (energy) and Yin and Yang (opposing motions) help keep the body in balance. Patients who are not able to participate in high energy exercises or cardio often prefer this low-impact alternative. Patients who are in wheelchairs can also benefit from tai chi movements.

Tai Chi Health Benefits

A National Health Interview Survey estimates that 2.5 million people practice tai chi in the United States. Some do it for exercise while others are doing it for more specific health reasons. These are a few of the potential health benefits of tai chi that may motivate you to attend a class soon:

  • Relief from chronic pain (such as pain caused by fibromyalgia).
  • Better posture.
  • Improved flexibility in areas of the body that have become rigid.
  • More upper and lower body strength.
  • Older patients who have problems with falling may achieve better balance after taking these classes regularly.

Tai Chi Classes

At A Place of Health Chiropractic, tai chi classes are led by Thomas Yang, a massage therapist who is highly skilled in this mind-body exercise technique. Combined with regular visits to your chiropractor for neck, back, and spine adjustments, and physical therapy, tai chi could help get you closer to a pain-free lifestyle or to help reverse the negative effects of aging on the body.

Call for an Appointment

Discover more about the benefits and techniques of tai chi classes when you visit A Place of Health Chiropractic in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Schedule an initial consultation appointment at the office with Dr. Donna Watson by calling (954) 568-9355.

Thomas Yang doing Tai Chi.