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Dear Dr. Watson, I want to thank you for helping me feel the best I have felt in over 40 years! I have suffered from horrid headaches since I was 4 or 5 years old. MRIs, countless doctor visits, Neurologists, allergists, shots, pills, decongestants, specialist this, specialist that. For over 40 years - headaches that no one can solve. For over 40 years headaches that make me cry, deprive me of sleep, of joy, of life. I have been visiting you for one month. As of this post I am now almost TWO WEEKS!!!!!! Of NO HEADACHES!!!!!!

Dr. Donna. THANK YOU. When I first met with you and you said you believed you could fix it, I was so skeptical because no one else has had success. After all that you have done and even taught me about gluten allergies and just cracking my back.. Finding those 2 vertebrae in my neck causing me such agony, you have brought joy back to me. I can live. Thank you for everything.
- Jude Jacobs

I was in Ft Lauderdale to attend the BCS Championship Game and incurred a back and hip problem that appeared it would keep me from attending the game. The Travel Agency representative called and explained my situation and Dr Watson agreed to see me as a walk in to help relieve my pain and walking difficulties. She did a grand job and I was able to attend the game and see my Crimson Tide win another Championship. Nancy and Jennifer were oustanding in assisting me and providing for my comfort. If I lived in the area I would most definately be a patient there. For all of you that do live there and need or require their services don't miss out on an excellent choice of A Place of Health.
- Tilford Marshall

My name is Karen Clark and I have been going to Dr. Watson for two and a half years with much needed comfort. I have had sever nerve pain on the right side of my face for over thirteen years. 1 hey said for years that I had TMJ but finally determined that it is trigeminal neuralgia. I have had mouth guards, an operation on my jaw, physical therapy, and more drugs then any person who isn't a drug addict has ever taken. The pain is so severe that I have gone thirty six hours without as much as a swallow of water. You do not realize but to swallow your own salvia you must move your jaw. During these times I would have to either lie in bed or sit back in a recliner. I have lost weeks of work. It will sometimes go into remission then come back worse than before. When I found Dr. Watson I was in so much pain that I was in tears. She began acupuncture treatments that day and she told me 1 was going to be her project. The treatments have taken some time but have given me my normal life back so that I can enjoy my grandchildren and going places with my husband. I still take medicine but have been able to cut the amount way back. If you have any nerve pain 1 certainly would try Dr. Watson and her acupuncture treatments and see if you can have the wonderful feeling of being pain free.
-Karen Clark

Six months ago, I was 76 years of age. I was very stooped over and all of my family and fiends were asking each other what had happened to me. Even worse, unless I was sitting or lying down I had a growing backache. Standing for more than a minute or walking more then a short block was so unpleasant that I drooded, and often avoided, exercise and shopping. I was a boding off man.

Six moths later, I’m still 76 years old, but that’s where the similarities end. Now I am standing straighter then some people many years my junior. Brisk walks of over 30 minutes and half hours of non-stop walking in four feet of pool water are routine. Every now and then I kick up my heels and jog a few hundred yards. My family and fiends are amazed and elated by the improvement. At 76, I feel like I did at 56.

The credit for my transformation goes to Dr. Donna Watson, my award-winning chiropractor. Her treatments are pleasant and painless. The therapists I used before going to Dr. Watson afforded only slight and very short term relief. Donna’s chiropractic treatments have brought great and lasting relief to my back and done wonders for my posture. In addition, Dr. Watson has suggested steps to be taken at home during and after the completion of my treatment to preserve and increase my improvement now and in the future.
-Larry Mitnick

Dr. Watson,
Is a wonderful chiropractor she listens and educate. I have been to two other chiropractic offices and I was not happy. Also the staff is wonderful!
- Darcy Tyler

Some time ago I had severe back pain as to where I could barely walk at times. Years of traditional medicine did nothing more than dull the effects. On the first visit to Dr Watson's office I litterally crawled in and walked out. Dr Watson took the time to examine and explain the causes of my back pain. With theropy and a lifestyle change on my part, my backpain has effectively vanished.
- Bob Carlson

I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Watson. I've met her in her old office 10 years ago. She is a CARING and SUPPORTING Dr. Isn't that what is all about?
- Batia Fisherman

Dr. Watson healed old injuries I had been struggling against for 30 years. As she says "She put Humpty Dumpty back together again!" Then...I got whiplash in a car accident, and I am so glad I knew just who to call! There is no comparison in her field as far as I am concerned.
- Yvonne Rohrbacher

I was referred to Dr Watson by a co-worker after complaining about not being able to find a local chiroprator that would do more than talk about the situation. My last Chiropractor sent me to get an MRI, took x-rays, used heated rocks and charged me a fortune without eliminating the pain.

I know my back and the pain is usually tied to heavy stress and no exercise. I am a big guy at 280 pounds and Dr. Watson is tiny but was able to adjust me the first time and I have called her my chiropractor ever since. There is only one other person of her caliber that I know and he is in Southern California.

I highly recomment Dr Watson. She knows what she is doing and it doesn't matter how big or how small you are. You will feel the difference after one visit. Follow her advice and go multiple times. It will make you a new person!
- Mark Johnson

I am thankful that I found Dr. Watson, she has improved my quality of life beyond belief, not only has she been able to get the kinks out but her needles has taken away the stress and I can breathe again. Her knowledge of healing is mind boggling, since she is holistic the whole body gets treated with every visit and with the soothing music and laughter it is a very good visit well worth the trip accross town even at rush hour. Thank you Dr. Watson
- Anita Sweat

Dr. Watson is a wonderful chiropractor. A friend recommended Dr. Watson to me after I had given up on orthopedists,neurologists and other chiropractors. After only one treatment I was 100% better. She is a true miracle worker! Spinal manipulation has improved my mobility and acupuncture has lessened my peripheral neuropathy and restless leg syndrome. I definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their quality of life. Beside being a skilled professional,her caring attitude and sense of humor cannot be replicated.
- Gail Daly

Dr. Watson is not only a skilled professional, but also very much a caring provider of chiropractic therapy and acupunture. She takes the time not only to listen, but to care about her patients. After an unsuccessful attempt at seeking relief for treating of my pain through traditional orthopedic tratments, medications and physical therapy, I turned to Dr. Watson for help. I had never had been to a chiropractor previously and was somewhat reluctant and nervous despite a glowing recomendation from one of my trusted friends. Fortunately for me, I made the choice to seek help from Dr. Watson. She truly has improved the quality of my life.
- Ellen

Dr. Watson is a wonderful, knowledgeable, caring physician. I was miserable with bad head & chest congestion. My MD was not able to relieve my symptons. One cupping, acupunctute, manipulation treatment relieved my congestion symptoms. Along with Naturopathic medicine put me back on my feet. I was able to go back to work the next day. I am so relieved to know I have a physisician that can treat my body and put it in harmony to heal itself. I strongly recomend a visit to Dr. Watson, it is amazing.
- Barbara Mylott

Dr Donna Watson......If I could shout out loud to the city, county, and state of Florida about how wonderful, how skilled, how talented, how knowledgeable, how professional and how so very loving and caring the Doc is with her patients I would....but I think there is a noise ordinance that might put a damper on my instead of “shouting” let me share with you how I feel about the Dr my eyes Doc is “BAR NONE” when it comes to Chiropractors....Doc has been treating me for herniated discs in my lower back and neck....and intense shoulder pain, which causes my arm to go numb at times.....but with Doc knowing just the “right treatment” for me I have been able to get back to enjoying my daily activities well as having the mobility return to my neck, back and shoulder.....I love the fact that Doc not only does Chiropractor adjustments/treatments, but is also trained in the art of acupuncture (a MUST if you have never tried it), offers massage therapy, and has a warm and friendly staff that makes you feel right at home......Doc has been my biggest cheerleader when it comes to my weight.....she has seen me lose over 80 lbs.....and still continues to encourage me as she provides me with helpful nutritional information, exercise tips and what the right supplements /herbs are for me as I continue this journey of healing my body....Doc treats the “whole” you…..not just the symptoms....and as a patient of Docs I know that I can talk to Doc about anything and when I do speak the Doc listens with “heart ears”....Dr Donna Watson (she will always be “Doc” to me) has not only helped me heal physically, but emotionally and spiritually....and I am very grateful and thankful that she is in my life as my Chiropractor....I am truly blessed to be a patient of Dr Donna Watson.
- Kathy Cultice

Dr. Donna is here to stay. Many chiropractors have you come in, do their adjustment and send you on your way but Dr. D is not like that. She has helped me first and foremost with my back - from a "ohmyfreakingod" where I could barely walk to feeling like myself again in a short period of time. The many techniques that Dr. D has in her repertoire enable her to work you through tough problems that others don't. Add she doesnt drop big guys, so trust her! The best thing was when she took care of my foot. I has off and on pain in my foot from running and when I told the doc about it she was so excited that she could manipulate a foot/ ankle. I was so excited too because one time and the pain was gone

She is the best and even though I come from the west side of town, its worth it... and by the way, her whole office makes you feel comfortale when you go there. Go Doc!
- Steven

Dr. Watson is a knowledgeable, caring, and warmhearted physician. I trust her because she really cares about each patient and his/her well-being. I tried so many chiros in my life because of my back problem and she is the best one I have ever met. One of many things that I like about her is that she gives treatment AND health advice that you can practice on your own to improve or maintain your health. Dr. Watson's office is awesome too because people who work there make me feel at home. Dr. Watson is the first-rated physician in Fort Lauderdale!
- Momo

Let me tell you how Dr. Donna Watson, DC saved my life. For about five years I have been struggling to get pregnant. I was married shortly after high school with my husband who was my high school sweetheart. Our plans were to start a family about three or four years after the wedding. Everything was fine up until it was time for us to start repositioning ourselves and adding a new bundle of joy into our family. I have tried for about a good year and a half until I just couldn't take it no more! I have been too several different types of doctors and nothing. Feritlity pill after fertility pill! I came up with the conclusion that the issue that we were going through needed to be resolved and I had to save my marriage. So after overhearing a previous patient of Dr. Watson's speak so highly of her and how she saved her life with acupuncture because she was experiencing some hormone issues.I had to ask her more questions about this doctor; to make a long story short this doctor was able to save my life and my marriage after a few short sessions of acupuncture as a token of our appreciation I named my daughter Donna! Thanks Much its so sad that great doctors are only recogninzed seldomly for their excellent work.
- Envy

Dr. Watson is truly a friend, and a wonderful doctor. I started to go to her about 3 years ago. She was suggested to me by a therapist. I could hardly walk. I was dragging my one foot to the point of almost falling. She talked and listened to me for an hour before she did anything. I really liked her from day one.

I was in a lot of pain and after my first treatment I felt a lot better. As I went back to see her she suggested massage therapy. I said I had never had a massage. So we set up the appointment to come back for that and another adjustment. When I came in she told the therapist to be nice to me I was a virgin. We laughed as we do every time I see her. She and her staff call me giggles.

She continually urges me to take care of myself. I know longer trip over my foot, unless I do something I’m not supposed to. She is right there when you need her for an adjustment or eastern knowledge of those tiny little needles that you don’t even feel!

I really don’t think there are words to describe how much she cares about everyone of her patients physically, mentally and nutritionally.

Thanks Doc for all you do!
- Hope

I went to Dr. Watson after injuring my lower back. It was an injury that got to a point of causing such pain I would scream. Anyways, I was thankful to have gotten in to Dr. Watson the first day that I called. I was desparate. I had put off seeing a doctor for a few days thinking it would go away on its own. At Dr. Watson's I had a few different types of procedures done to me that was to help. I remember Dr. Watson saying to me tomorrow you will feel better. Between prayer and Dr. Watson's skillful hands I did have improvement the next day. I would almost have to say it was miraculous. So yes, I would strongly agree that she deserves the Best Award.
- Janet